Russian Art In America

Genuine interest in science and religions of the past, flexibility, new idioms, and curiosity about new forms, has enabled art to survive the severe and often painful dislocations of the twentieth century.

This unique collection of fine oil paintings was created by Russian artists and artists from Uzbekistan (one of the former Soviet Union Republics). Artists of different generations, different schools, different artistic manners, perception of colors, specific styles, created these art pieces in the last decade of that same century.

Browsing through the paintings within this site, you'll discover the past and present of these rich cultures which enabled the artists represented to absorb a wide variety of influences and produce styles that are eclectic, yet nevertheless powerful, vital and distinctive. The artists are very well known in their home countries and have exhibited their work throughout Asia, Europe and America.

The collection expresses many brilliant perspectives, and highlights the unique talents of popular artists whose work and vision outlasted the former Soviet Union.

All pieces in this collection are currently in the USA, and are available for sale to private collectors, galleries, designers, museums, and other lovers of great Art.